We all lose when members of our communities are not seen and acknowledged.

We lose creativity, innovation, and contributions because of the personal and societal barriers that don’t allow all of us to fully participate.

Inclusion, equity and fairness matter.

Every individual has a critical choice to make: To stand with each other and fight for social justice, or to stay on the sidelines –silently supporting the systems that perpetuate inequality, violence, and poverty in the world.

This work matters.

Social justice is the tool, the framework and the mechanism by which we can help create full and equal participation of all groups within society.  

Showing us ways to love, protect and defend one another.

The work starts with us waking up, arming ourselves with education, tools and relationships. It continues in our community building, our speaking out –all of our inward and outward commitments to justice made tangible. It requires us to take action, to become the fuel of societal change.

It begins with diversity and it ends with equity for all.

This work is too important for us to leave it to chance. Thinking in terms of social justice is a critical life skill needed to navigate, evolve and compete in our current national and global realities.

All of us need the tools and the knowledge to examine our lives, our institutions, and our leaders.

We designed the Diversity is an Asset courses to help you develop these skill-sets. Both programs DIA 101 and DIA 201: Social Justice Intensive are launching this fall, we hope to see you in one of them!


We all play a part in changing the world.