Diversity is an Asset: 101

Diversity Coaching

A Group Program that helps you embrace and benefit from the diversity in your personal and professional life

Right now, we are in a place when our awareness and acceptance of people’s differences is critically important. People are passionately promoting their differences–race, gender identity, religion– asking for acceptance and equal respect. Every single one of us is being asked to learn about and accept those differences.

Have these questions crossed your mind:

  • Isn’t diversity just about race?
  • I know that diversity is a good thing to do but how’s it going to affect my bottom line
  • How am I supposed to act in such a rapidly changing society?
  • Well, I know I’m biased but what do I do about it?
  • I want to be brave. How do I stop being so scared and fragile about these topics?
  • I want to hire a diverse candidate. But it’s more important that they are qualified too. Can that happen?
  • How do I have difficult conversations with people about differences when I’m afraid that I might offend them?
  • What if what I say about racism, sexism or islamphobism is wrong?
  • My company says they value diversity but they haven’t done anything about it. What can I do?
  • Dealing with systemic oppression seems overwhelming and depressing, what can I do as one person?

These are questions that we get all of the time when we’re working with individuals or organizations trying create more diverse and inclusive environments for themselves and their work. With this program, we have taken our 25+ years of professional and personal experience to help you. We will be sharing all of the best practices and lessons learned that can help you invite and embrace more diversity into your personal and professional life. Our goal is to build a community of people who feel more confident and capable in addressing some of the daily societal, professional and personal challenges that you experience when you are trying to embrace diversity.

We are excited to open up our program, “Diversity is an Asset” to you. In this 4 week program we will help you:

Individual Level

  • Learn the key terms related to diversity, equity and inclusion and why they are essential to embracing people who are different from you
  • Map effective ways to bring more diversity equity and inclusion into your personal and professional lives
  • Identify both the positive and negative mindset, behaviors and words that limit your actions
  • Discover how to have effective conversations related to diversity in personal and professional settings.
  • Practice proven “how to’s” for diversifying your network both in person and online

Organizational Level

  • Strategize ways to show your commitment to diversity at work and in society
  • Understand how to initiate or participate in difficult conversations about diversity in a work setting
  • Examine your biases and see how they influence your interactions and decision making at work

Program Curriculum

This program takes place over a four-week period with live classes taught by us, Desiree Adaway and Jessica Fish. Each class is 75 minutes long and encourages class participation. While we prefer live participation, each class is recorded for future use. Here is what we cover in each class.

Class One:

  • Understand what different terms mean and why they are important when you are trying to embrace diversity
  • Analyze the three most common motivations people have when doing this work and decide which one of these you align with
  • Learn the five areas where diversity is needed in personal and organizational contexts
  • Discover what your hidden biases are, how they are formed and what happens when they go unchecked
  • Practice six ways to mitigate your biases

Class Two:

  • Analyze what assets you have that will help you with this work. Conversely, discover which challenges you will face in your efforts to embrace diversity
  • Evaluate how we rely on our personal and professional networks and discover how a more diverse network will benefit you
  • Practice successful strategies for how to diversify your network both in person and online
  • Recognize everyday microaggressions and understand why it’s important to listen more and speak less when embracing diversity

Class Three:

  • Identify and navigate through the four levels of racism and oppression
  • Unpack your privileges and how they shape your personal and professional lives regardless of your socio-economic status
  • Explore how to use your privilege on a personal level and societal level as an ally
  • Identify ways to use your privilege inside of your business or organization to champion diversity, equity and inclusion at structural and systemic levels

Class Four:

  • Discover how you can positively contribute to issues such as police brutality, pay equity, transgender discrimination or immigration which will only progress when we change them at the structural level
  • Learn effective methods for having difficult conversations related to topics of diversity
  • Design an action plan with concrete next steps to guide your future personal or professional commitments

What everyone can expect in this program

  • 4 live classes
  • An action pack outlining relevant notes from each class
  • Enrollment and active participation in our private Facebook Community page
  • Additional resources and news related to the topics that we talk about, shared via our Facebook community
  • Active participation to help you through our Facebook Community page
    Weekly class challenges that ask you to apply what you just learned to daily interactions and decisions

Who is this course for

  • Solopreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Nonprofit executives
  • Coaches
  • Consultants

What they want to do

  • Expand networks
  • Get more clients
  • Attract broader audiences
  • Hire more diverse in person or virtual staff
  • Attend more events
  • Broaden their knowledge

Class Dates

To Be Announced

Email if you have questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this class only 4 weeks long?

We are in a rapidly changing environment and daily we are seeing how important it is to be aware of our differences. This program is built to be an immersive experience that will help you gain the momentum you need to either start or continue your effort to bring more diversity into your professional and personal lives. We want to kickstart your efforts so that you can start contributing right away.


Are you only going to talk about Race in this course?

No. One of the first parts of the class is when we discover how many different types of diversity that there are. Throughout the class, we will offer examples and case studies highlighting all types of diversity. We also encourage you to talk about diversity broadly, as well.


Why are there three different levels?

We want to give you as much support as we can. We have taken great care to make this as enriching and useful as possible. The prices reflect our additional efforts to support you through this work by tapping into our own knowledge and our network of professionals who can also help you.

We can’t wait to work with you!