Do I need to take 101 in order to take 201?

No. The programs pair well together but you do not need to take one before the other.

What’s the difference between Diversity is and Asset: 101 and the Social Justice Intensive: 201?

Diversity is an Asset is a four week long program that was designed to help you figure out how to bring the concepts and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion into your personal and professional lives.

The Social Justice Intensive is a three month long deep dive that will explore multiple facets of social justice work, systems of oppression, and how to effectively work toward justice and liberation.

Both programs will provide you with active peer groups, plenty of opportunities to discuss and integrate information and resources of all types.

If you need help deciding please send one of us an email, we are happy to help you figure out which course is best for you!

Will this program provide me a safe space to learn?

No, we won’t provide you a safe place to learn and here is why:

Our 25 + years of experience has taught us that when people are talking about safety, they are actually talking about having a status quo environment that lets them stay where they are. Specifically, they are actually asking us to make them feel comfortable and being involved with diversity isn’t about the status quo and being comfortable.

We are interested in moving you forward because that is what a commitment to this work takes. We realize that this topic may be sensitive one for you. We appreciate the personal, emotional risks that you are taking when you are working with us.

Our experience has also taught us that “real” learning happens when we are at our learning edge. We will be your guides in exploring that edge. We will have clarifying conversations, we will have openness and we will encourage participation in each class and the forum to levels that allow us all to stretch. We will provide and insist on a RESPECTFUL environment with ground rules on how we treat each other in class and Facebook groups. Together we will create a brave space for learning.

Are these classes pre-recorded?

No, these are live classes with presentations, Q&A  and group chats.  We believe that in addition to our knowledge, you will benefit the most when you hear from your fellow participants in these classes.  Plus, we love talking and get energized from doing this work with you.