About Us

 Desiree Adaway

Desiree is a consultant, trainer, coach and speaker working to build resilient, equitable, and inclusive organizations. She holds a vision for people’s lives, workplaces and communities until they can hold it for themselves. She has over 20 years experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries. She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of great work. You can learn more about Desiree and her work here.


Ericka Hines

Ericka is a consultant, advisor, strategist, curriculum designer, and senior trainer who works with people and organizations to do two things: use diversity to their advantage and leverage leadership across levels. She has worked with government agencies, nonprofits and foundations across the country to help their staff and stakeholders learn how to work in more inclusive environments where leadership is valued as an attribute and a title. You can learn more about Ericka and her work here.

 Jessica Fish

Jessica Fish is an educator, strategist and community cultivator who works with organizations to help them gain the skills and mindsets to create truly inclusive and equitable environments. She focuses on helping predominately white organizations become actively anti-racist as they work to dismantle the ways in which white supremacy informs their lives and the culture and systems of their workplace. She provides training and speaks on diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, collaboration and community building, whiteness and racial justice.